Our Mission Statement

Our Promise to You Our Patients

At Total Eye Care, we believe in providing the most up-to-date , technologically advanced, complete eye care possible. We will always strive to offer our patient’s the eye care options that will enhance not only their vision, but their sense of style and fashion as well. Above all, we believe that every person who steps foot in our offices, should be treated as a close friend, and should always leave our offices feeling cared for and appreciated.


2 responses to “Our Mission Statement

  1. Hi, I had the prism test 2 weeks ago and not sure if it was done properly. I have strabismus and my dominant eye is the right one. When I look at something my left eye do not follow.

    I watched this video on youtube


    If I understand right the doctor should had placed the prism on the right eye to make both eyes straight.

    The doctor was very rush when she placed the prism on the left eye, I started to see a double image on the right side of the H she asked me to look on the wall.

    She told me that would no recomend prism for my case.

    Should I look for another doctor?



    • There is nothing wrong with seeking a second opinion at any time, especially if you were uncomfortable with how your exam was conducted. From what you describe it is not apparent that anything was not done correctly, however it is very important that you feel comfortable with your doctor.

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